Exp: 3x | Meso: 2x | Drop: 2x

[Server Update] Bug Fixes

10-01-21 06:10

- Equipment durability consumption reduction
- Storage expansion
- Elite Boss spawns change

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[Event] Feeding Fat Santa

12-15-20 06:12

Feed Fat Santa to earn Santa Points
Exchange your Santa Points for Winter coins which can be spent in the Winter coin shop.

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[Event] November Turkey Hunt

11-09-20 06:11

Hunt juicy Turkey and fearsome Pies to gain turkey points.
Exchange your Turkey points for Black Friday coins which can be spent in the Black Friday coin shop.

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[Server Update] Cygnus, Rates Increase

10-21-20 08:10

- Cygnus Boss
- Exp Rate increased to 3x
- Meso Rate increased to 2x
- Drop Rate increased to 2x

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[Server Update] Beast Tamer, Von Leon

09-02-20 01:09

- Beast Tamer class
- Von Leon boss
- Equipment Repair NPC

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Server Info

Server Status: Online

Released: December: 15, 2019
Version: 1.85
Exp Rate: 3x
Meso Rate: 2x
Drop Rate: 2x

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